Incorp Registered Agents: The Smart Way To Run Your Business

InCorp is a premier company offering registered agent services trusted legal protection for over 1 million entities in all 50 states and U.S. territories since 1996.

Incorp offers more value for your money, excellent customer service, the best price guarantee, and an excellent track record with a BBB A+ rating.

What Is A Registered Agent Service?

A registered agent service such as Incorp acts as a physical address or office where all essential legal and tax documents can be sent and received by the companies they represent.

When you hire an agent for LLC formation service, you’ll receive a welcome packet including copies of your annual report filings, your company records book, and other important information about keeping your business legally compliant at the state and federal levels.

Agents like Incorp also offer business formation service with invaluable assistance with government filings, stand at the ready to answer questions via phone or email about complying with state rules and regulations, and assist when necessary to resolve customer service issues with banks and utility companies.

Incorp Offer

  • FREE registered agent service for the first year – no hidden fees or gimmicks.
  • Great low prices and the price match guarantee – they consistently beat any competitor’s advertised price and give you free registered agent service for your first year!
  • Peace of mind knowing your business is protected by a law firm with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, plus over 20 years of experience helping entrepreneurs launch their companies successfully.
  • Excellent customer support that includes live phone and email assistance with order processing and filing questions.
  • Security of confidential client information through document shredding and HIPPA-compliant online storage of important documents.
  • Every corporation they represent gets a personalized fax number, toll-free 800 number, and customized spam filtering.
  • Business legal documents such as DBA filings, articles of incorporation, and operating agreements at no extra cost.

About InCorp

InCorp has served entrepreneurs, business owners, and the self-employed in all 50 states and U.S. territories since 1996.

As an Incorp services Inc. 500 company that has achieved Platinum status for their commitment to customer service excellence year after year. They offer reliable support for your start-up or existing small business, including low prices guaranteed on all registered agent services.

Contact Information For InCorp


Email Address: [email protected]

Primary Phone Number: 1-888-249-1485

Advantages of InCorp:

  • InCorp has been a registered agent since 1996
  • Free registered agents for the first year
  • InCorp’s BBB A+ rating provides customers with the assurance of quality service from an established company.
  • There are no hidden fees or gimmicks offered by InCorp – just great low prices and a price match guarantee, which means you get a discount for the first year if you find a lower price elsewhere!
  • Business owners can contact live customer support via phone or email to receive personalized assistance with any questions about compliance filings, IRS issues, or other questions about operating their business at the state and federal levels.

Disadvantages of InCorp:

  • InCorp does not offer document storage or filing of business documents such as articles of incorporation, DBA filings, etc.
  • InCorp only provides registered agent services, which means they do not file annual reports or other state compliance documents with the secretary of state on behalf of their customers. 

InCorp Registered Agent Service Pricing & Additional Features

InCorp has low services prices and charges extra fees for other ancillary services such as document filing and storage or expedited processing.

If changing registered agents, there is a $50 fee to file the change with the state.

For example, InCorp charges $49 to file one DBA form while other registered agents offer this service for free.

Incorp’s prices are discounted compared to competitors’ advertised prices if you buy more than one year of service at a time. However, they do not have any further discounts available beyond the first year.


1.InCorp Standard Registered Agent Service includes:

  • Free personalized toll-free fax number
  • Toll-free 800 number service
  • Personalized spam filtering for the email account
  • Unlimited annual reports and USPTO filing fees if required by state of incorporation (not available in all states)
  • $49/yr (if you buy one year at a time) or $69/yr (if you buy two years).

2. Incorp Expedited Processing Add On

  • Must be purchased with Standard or Premium package.
  • It allows customers to file a corporation, limited liability company (LLC) formation services online, trust, etc., documents within 24 hours instead of the usual 7-10 business days.
  • $100 one-time fee.

3. Annual Report Filing Service is not offered by Incorp

Incorp does not offer 4. Document Storage options – documents are only stored online in HIPPA compliant servers

Does InCorp Offer Any Discounts?

InCorp offers price matching for registered agent service – if you find a lower price elsewhere, InCorp will match it.

InCorp requires no signup fees to start using their service.

Do I Need To Hire Staff To Run My Business With Incorp?

No. You can file all your compliance documents yourself online or use eFax or other third-party email services for faxing purposes without having to hire staff members.

Does Incorp Provide “Virtual Offices” For Their Customers?

No. They only offer registered agent services which mean they do not provide a physical address for your business.

Does Incorp Allow Telecommuting?

InCorp only offers registered agent services, not office space or virtual office plans, so telecommuting is an option for those who use their service and those who want to rent a separate address under their name.

Please note, however, that if you rent an address from InCorp as part of their registered agent service, you will need to pay all the associated costs such as utilities and internet connection yourself.

What About Additional Phone Numbers?

InCorp does not allow clients to purchase additional phone numbers because they are already included in the package. Toll-free numbers can be forwarded to any phone number desired.

What About My Privacy?

InCorp states that all of its customers’ personal information remains confidential and is not shared with third parties.

Incorp verifies the authenticity of its registered agents through an independent company called VeriSign.

All documents submitted to Incorp must include a signature page (could be faxed, mailed, etc.) that provides for Incorp’s registered agent number and the verified licensed agent’s signature who has executed the document submitted to the state. This is done to prevent corporate identity theft.

Documents will be processed based on which an authenticated licensed agent executed papers.

Managed Reports Service

InCorp offers a Managed Reports Service where they process annual report filings and manage your entity management system using their employees and not contracted third-party companies.

It is unclear what the additional fees for this service are, but they can be added to any package.

Does Incorp Allow The Payment Of Fees By Credit Card?

No. Incorp does not accept credit cards as a form of payment even when adding the Expedited Processing add-on to any package.

They do not charge an annual fee, but service agreements are required to use their services.

Can I Mail Documents To Incorp?

Yes, you can mail in all documentation via USPS or FedEx. Note that sending physical copies may delay processing compared to online filing, where you upload digital copies of your documents.

Does Incorp Track My Document Activities Online?

Yes, all information regarding document processing is available online through their website in real-time.

Whether or not you use their service, there are several ways to obtain the signatures of licensed agents required to process documents.

Although it may be possible to obtain signatures by faxing, emailing, etc., quick and easy alternatives save time and money without wasting resources like ink or paper.

Here are some tips for obtaining signatures:

  1. SignNow: This online platform allows anyone to obtain the signature of a licensed agent, notary, or any other individual by creating an account that can be used on mobile devices. After uploading documents for signing, recipients receive notifications and may electronically sign documents without leaving their email. Only individuals with access to your account will be able to access and sign papers that you can revoke at any time.
  2. Adobe EchoSign: This software allows individuals to use a personalized e-signature pad to obtain signatures from others and upload and share files. Once all parties sign a document, it automatically integrates into your e-mail inbox, where you can forward it onward.

What Documents Does Incorp Accept?

InCorp accepts all documents requiring a signature and will forward them to your registered agent once signed. This includes:

  • Articles of Incorporation,
  • Annual Report,
  • Change of Registered Agent/Registered Address,
  • Document Retention Requests and more.

They also offer electronic filing to upload digital copies of forms and documents instead of sending physical copies by mail or fax.

When submitting documents electronically, Incorp recommends uploading multiple files instead of one large file since some states have size limits, although this may vary by state.

InCorp Services vs. Other National Registered Agent Services

InCorp’s registered agent service includes many additional services that you may pay extra for with other business formation services.

For example, they provide unlimited address changes within the state of incorporation, which means you do not need to file annual address changes or name changes.

Other companies must be contacted by phone or email if these types of requests arise.

Furthermore, their fee schedule is very reasonable, and it is significantly cheaper than Manta’s price to register a business entity in Delaware ($500) that also offers similar services.

Online Customer Reviews

InCorp has an A+ business page on Better Business Bureau with no complaints filed in the past three years, which is impressive compared to other registered agent services that have numerous complaints.

Customer Service Quality

InCorp’s great customer service team operates Monday to Friday from 8 am-5 pm EST. Although their website does not indicate a live chat option, the representative by phone in less than a minute can answer all of your questions courteously and professionally.


InCorp’s registered agent offers a simplified service with added benefits not offered by other companies.

It is easy to set up, affordable and they will always give legal advice required for you.

You must keep track of all changes made to your registered agent information since notifying Incorp ensures it gets updated in a timely fashion.

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