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Nevada state law requires all Nevada LLCs to have and maintain a registered agent for service of process. The address on file with the Secretary of State is where legal papers will be delivered in the event of any lawsuit against your business.

You are responsible for ensuring that you keep this address current for the entire duration of your company’s life. If your business is a corporation, LLC, or limited partnership, the registered agent is typically incorporated in Nevada, as well.

What is a registered agent?

A registered agent is a person or corporation responsible for receiving and accepting legal papers on behalf of a company. The registered agent may be an individual, Nevada LLC, or another type of business entity authorized to do business in Nevada.

The Registered Agent should be:

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Have access to a fax machine and a scanner
  • Have adequate office space with plenty of room for visitors to wait. A private entrance is preferred for security purposes. A mailing address that is only accessible through an alley or back door is not suitable.

The Registered Agent will receive all official legal business formation documents on behalf of your company. These documents are typical “service of process” or other official legal notices such as summons and complaints about lawsuits filed against the business.

Service of Process:

Service does not necessarily refer to delivery. Documents are served when you, as the Nevada resident agent, accept them. You must also sign an affidavit to prove that you have accepted service.

  1. If your company is served by the Nevada Department of Taxation or the Department of Labor, you should open your mail with care. These documents are part of an audit procedure and contain personal information about your employees. For this reason, they are not considered legal papers and will be discarded by the Nevada registered agents unopened.
  2. If a document is received from the Nevada Department of Taxation or Department of Labor, it will be delivered again by certified mail.
  3. The registered agent must accept service on behalf of your company in person when delivered by a postal employee.
  4. If you are served with court documents, you may also visit the Court Clerk in any district courthouse. He/she is required to accept service on behalf of your company and will return the documents to you by regular first-class mail. Nevada law requires the clerk to be available during normal business hours for this purpose.

Avoiding Service:

It is important that the registered agent do everything possible to make sure legal papers are never delivered in person or by postal services. There is no filing fee for service of process; however, the registered agent may be held liable for any costs associated with court hearings and legal actions.

These costs can be substantial and are paid on behalf of the company. Therefore, if a summons or complaint arrives at your physical business address or place of business, it is important that you contact an attorney immediately to discuss how to proceed.

The registered agent is also responsible for making sure that all legal papers are delivered to the correct company, even if they do not pertain directly to your business.

For instance, if a lawsuit or summons is received on behalf of another Nevada LLC working out of the same office space as yours and with a similar name, you can be held responsible. An attorney will be able to direct you and the court on how to resolve these situations.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent In Nevada?

You may be the registered agent of your own company and maintain an office in Nevada. However, there is no requirement for you to actually live or work in Nevada, so long as your business maintains a physical address within the state.

A change of registered agent must be filed with the Secretary of State’s office before any legal actions can be served. This must take place within 15 business days of the change.

Why Businesses Use a Nevada Registered Agent Service

It is not uncommon for businesses to use a Nevada Registered Agent service. Doing so will save you time and energy since someone else will take responsibility for these administrative duties.

A third-party registered agent can be hired on an hourly, as needed, or long-term basis. They have professional experience with the business entity formation process and provide a full range of services. This can include helping you choose the best business type for your company, assisting with Nevada registered agent services, and more.

Compliance Assistance

Regardless of your company’s size, industry, or a number of employees, you must be able to provide Nevada with updated information at all times. An experienced registered agent will be knowledgeable about annual reports and other state regulations.

They will also offer assistance in complying with these registered agent requirements so that the business can continue without interruption. These services are especially important if you are planning to hire Nevada-based employees or open a retail location in the state.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Companies are under no obligation to share their business activities with the public or media. Your records are confidential and will not be shared by any registered agent service, including the Secretary of State’s office. This includes company names, management profiles, executive officers, and more.

Furthermore, unless permission is granted in writing prior to publication, you may not be contacted by anyone other than the Secretary of State’s office and government agencies with a legal obligation to obtain information.

Privacy protection can also help in preventing your business from becoming a target for cybercriminals. Such attacks can result in fines, penalties, and damaged reputations that are difficult to recover from. This is something you will want to avoid, especially if you are in the retail or eCommerce industry where customer service trust is a major concern.


The Nevada Registered Agent service will maintain the utmost level of discretion in all matters pertaining to your business. Your name, personal information, and contact information will not be shared or offered without your prior knowledge and consent.


Many third-party registered agent services offer 24-hour telephone and email support. If you need to change your registered agent information on a holiday or another time when state offices are closed, someone will be available to make the changes for you.

Online Storage

Your records will be immediately available in an online database at all times. This can reduce delays and errors, and enable you to monitor your business more closely. You may also make changes online to your accounts, documents, or other information without having to pay for a service visit from company representatives.

How Much Does a Registered Agent Cost?

There are no set rates for Nevada registered agent services. The price you will pay is based on the specific services needed and the level of involvement in your business operations that you would like to maintain.

Your budget is also a contributing factor. The cost for setting up an LLC in Nevada ranges from $200 to upwards of $1,600 for complete packages that include services like bookkeeping and regulatory compliance assistance.

Before choosing your service, consider the following factors:

  1. Small Business Size. If you have only one or two employees, you may not need the level of assistance offered by larger registered agent companies.
  2. Business Activity. If your company does a lot of business in Nevada, you will need to update your information more frequently. This could increase the size of your workload and expense for record-keeping but may be worth it if you are doing considerable business in this state.

The cost for setting up a Nevada registered agent service in such areas as privacy protection, online storage, and 24-hour support can add up to several hundred or even thousands of dollars. This is why it’s important to hire someone who will meet your needs at an affordable rate while continuing to offer high-quality service.

If you are just starting out or running a small business, you may not need all the extra features available from a larger provider. As your business grows, so should your registered agent services.

Best Nevada Registered Agent Service Companies

1. Northwest Registered Agent

FREE Privacy Protection, $1.49 Flat Fee Price For Annual Registered Agent Service.

Northwest Registered Agent is a full-service registered agent company that offers privacy protection for your business and also has an exceptional price of only $1.49 per month to serve as your Nevada registered agent all year long! Northwest will do the following as your registered agent in Nevada:

  1. Incorporation services for your business.
  2. Provide you with a file storage account where you can store all of your corporate documents and access them from any computer with internet access.
  3. Forward the official copy of the articles of incorporation to the Secretary of State on behalf of your company.
  4. Maintain an updated Registered Agent Tax ID on file with the Secretary of State.
  5. Provide you with a private online account where you can view each step of your company’s progress and keep track of all changes that are being made and any state fees due.

2. Zen Business Services

Free Privacy protection, $1.50 Flat Fee Price For Registered Agent Service.

Zen Business Services is a Nevada state-registered agent company that helps you keep your business protected year-round. They guarantee to protect your private information and will never share it with other businesses or individuals without the express permission of the owner of Zen Business Services.

Zen Business Services will do the following to protect your personal information and provide you with a registered agent in Nevada:

  1. Protect all of your corporation’s documents and files by storing them in an encrypted data center, which can only be accessed by those with permission from the business owner.
  2. Connect you with other businesses that offer services such as financing, legal support, and other services.
  3. Connect you with attorneys in Nevada who specialize in starting or maintaining a business here.

3. Incfile

Free Privacy Protection, $1.50 Flat Fee Price For Registered Agent Service.

Incfile provides a simple alternative for individuals who want to file their articles of incorporation with the Nevada Secretary of State by using an online filing service. Their registered agent in Nevada keeps your information private and does not display it anywhere on their website.

Incfile team will do the following as your registered agent in Nevada:

  1. Keep a private database of all corporate documents and files that can only be accessed by you or those with permission from you.
  2. Maintain the official state copy of your articles of incorporation, which is forwarded to the Secretary of State on behalf of your company.
  3. Respond within 2 hours after you submit an online request.

4. LegalZoom

Free Privacy Protection, $1.50 Flat Fee Price For Registered Agent Service.

LegalZoom is a registered agent in Nevada that will help you obtain your articles of incorporation for your corporation and file them with the appropriate state officials as well. Their registered agent service includes privacy protection and a 100% satisfaction guarantee from LegalZoom.

The Nevada registered agent service that LegalZoom offers will do the following for their client:

  1. Protect all of your corporation’s documents and files by storing them in an encrypted data center, which can only be accessed by those with permission from the business owner.
  2. Connect you with other businesses that offer services such as financing, legal support, and other services.
  3. Connect you with attorneys in Nevada who specialize in starting or maintaining a business here.

How Do I Elect a Registered Agent In Nevada?

You must elect a registered agent when you create your corporation. You can do this in one of two ways:

Electing a Registered Agent Online

If you have chosen to form your business in Nevada by using an online registered agent service, then you can elect a registered agent from the beginning. You will need to select a business formation package that includes registering as a corporation with the state of Nevada and electing a registered agent.

Please note: Even if you choose a corporation formation package that does not provide a registered agent service, your state will require that you register and elect one.

Electing a Registered Agent by Mail, Fax, Email, or In Person

If you have chosen to form your business in Nevada by using a traditional registered agent service, then you can elect a registered agent when the process is complete. You will need to go to the office of the Secretary of State and submit your Articles of Incorporation with them. The cost for registering as a corporation with the state and electing a registered agent is $100.

How Do I Change My Registered Agent In Nevada?

You can change your registered agent in Nevada at any time. However, you must submit the following documents to the Secretary of State’s office:

  • A completed Statement of Change form (Form NRS 88).
  • The name, street address, and signature of the person authorized by your corporation to make an amendment on its behalf.

Is a registered agent the same as the owner?

In a corporation, the registered agent is not necessarily the owner of the business. For example, if your company has five founders and you want to choose a registered agent in Nevada for your corporation, then you have two options:

  1. Choose one of the founders as the registered agent.
  2. Each founder will order business cards that include his or her name, title, and address as the registered agent of record.

The advantage of this approach is that each founder will be able to use his or her business card to be the point of contact for your company. Business cards are much more memorable than an email address and easier to carry around than a stack of papers with corporate documents on them.


The registered agent service in Nevada will be your first point of contact with the state government. If you have a question or problem, then it is the registered agent who you will call on to answer those questions or solve those problems for you.

So choose your registered agent carefully to ensure that you can solve problems quickly and easily.

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